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Membership Renewal Forms 2014-15 Available

Visit the Membership webpage for forms and documents.

Phone (416) 598-0714
Mail P.O. Box 283, Station B, Toronto ON M5T 2W2


2014 OAAG Awards will be celebrated November 5 at Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

The OAAG Awards ceremony will be presented Wednesday November 5, 2014 in the Ballroom of the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto. Reception at 5 pm. Awards presentation at 6:30-8 pm.

We are currently processing nominations. Visit the Awards webpage for more information.


Three Day Symposium Registration Now Open

(Toronto)…Registration is now open to art gallery curators, directors, artists, writers, art historians, educators — as well as conspiracy buffs and reenactors — to a new symposium about curating art in the context of Ontario’s regional histories organized by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries.

Curating in the Haze of Empires takes place from November 4 to 6, 2014 at the historic Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto, 1214 Queen Street West.

Up to thirty curators, gallery directors, artists, writers and educators will present illustrated talks on their current or recent art exhibitions, art research, or passion projects that take as their subject events from Ontario’s past.

For event schedule, registration forms, and more information please visit our programs page.


2015 Venice-Florence-Rome Exchange

This two and a half week professional exchange is an immersive, intensive program in Venice, Florence, and Rome in Italy from May 4 to 20, 2015. It has been timed to coincide with the opening of the 56th Venice Biennale.

It is developed for public art gallery directors, curators and arts professionals. It is also valuable for gallery directors who have been hired into the gallery and museum sector from the larger charitable sector, and who are also charged with developing new museum assets in their communities.


For more information visit our programs page.


Call for Applications:
Six new mentoring opportunities for culturally diverse arts professionals seeking leadership positions in Ontario’s public art galleries

Deadline extended to mid to late August. Please inquire by phone (416) 598-0714 or communications[at]

The OAAG Cultural Diversity and Leadership Project offers support for six new mentoring opportunities for culturally diverse arts professionals who see their career paths set to Director/CEO-level leadership positions in the Ontario public art gallery sector.

Open to Mentorees and Mentors. We are actively seeking applications from across Ontario!

Visit the Mentorship page for more information.


About OAAG

OAAG is a registered charitable organization. Established in 1968, OAAG was incorporated in Ontario by letters patent on October 9, 1970. The Charitable Objects from the Letters Patent are:

  • To encourage co-operation between member galleries and museums
  • To encourage cooperation with the Ontario Arts Council and similar agencies
  • To assist in the development of visual art centres in the province of Ontario
  • To promote high standards of excellence and uniform methods in the care and presentation of art
  • To serve as an advisory body in matters of professional interest in the province of Ontario.

Our Vision

  • To be a vital and effective advocate for Ontario's dynamic public art galleries, serving and representing our members across the province as valued and essential centres of art and learning.

Our Mission

  • To serve and represent Ontario's public art galleries as valued, essential, cultural and educational resources
  • To actively advocate for Ontario's public art galleries
  • To promote dialogue and collaboration among OAAG members
  • To build and support responsive relationships between Ontario's public art galleries and the public, volunteers, cultural trustees, granting agencies, government and media
  • To encourage the highest standards for the care, preservation and presentation of the visual arts within Ontario's public art galleries
  • To promote art gallery and cultural work as valuable professions
  • To recognize and celebrate excellence in the work of Ontario's public art galleries


À propos de l’AOGA

L’AOGA est un organisme de bienfaisance enregistré.  Établie en 1968, l’AOGA  fut constituée en personne morale en Ontario par lettres patentes le 9 octobre 1970.  Les objectifs de bienfaisance selon les lettres patentes sont les suivants :

  • Favoriser la coopération entre les galeries et musées membres de l’AOGA 
  • Favoriser la coopération avec le Conseil des arts de l’Ontario et autres organismes semblables
  • Contribuer au développement des centres pour arts visuels en Ontario
  • Encourager des normes élevées d’excellence et des méthodes standardisées dans le maintien et la présentation de l’art 
  • Agir en tant qu’organisme consultatif pour des questions d’intérêt professionnel dans la province de l’Ontario

Notre vision

  • Être un défenseur vigoureux et compétent des galeries d’art publiques dynamiques de l‘Ontario et les représenter comme des centres essentiels et prisés d’art et d’enseignement à travers la province.

Notre mission

  • Servir et représenter les galeries d’art publiques de l‘Ontario comme des ressources culturelles et pédagogiques essentielles et prisées
  • Défendre vigoureusement les intérêts des galeries d’art publiques de l‘Ontario
  • Encourager le dialogue et la collaboration parmi les membres de l’AOGA
  • Établir et soutenir des liens actifs et réciproques entre les galeries d’art publiques de l‘Ontario et le public, les bénévoles, les administrateurs culturels, les organismes subventionnaires, le gouvernement et les médias
  • Encourager les normes les plus élevées pour le maintien, la préservation et la présentation des arts visuels auprès des galeries d’art publiques de l‘Ontario
  • Faire valoir les professions liées aux galeries d’art et le travail culturel comme des métiers d’une grande valeur
  • Reconnaître et récompenser l’excellence dans le travail des galeries d’art publiques de l‘Ontario

OAAG gratefully acknowledges the financial support of its members, donors, corporate sponsors.


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