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Introducing Suzy Lake

Sophie Hackett, Georgiana Uhlyarik Curators
Kristina Ljubanovic, Aleksandra Grzywaczewska Exhibition Designers
Laura Comerford, Exhibition Project Manager
Malene Hjorngaard Production Coordinator
Charles Kettle, Gregory Baszun, Patric Colosimo, Danny Winchester et al. Gallery Installation Team
Shiralee Hudson-Hill Interpretive Planner
Suzy Lake Artist
Art Gallery of Ontario, 2014-2015

Jury Comments: This exhibition gives Suzy Lake a significant place in Canadian Art History and is relevant to the contemporary moment. The exhibition space is dynamic and situates the work well. It brought the performance aspect into the gallery space. She is an important artist and this exhibit brought attention to her practice in a comprehensive way.

EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR: Budget over $50,000

The Unfinished Conversation: Encoding/Decoding

Mark Sealy, MBE and Gaëtane Verna Curators
Mark Sealy MBE, Gaëtane Verna and Julia Paoli & Paul Zingrone Exhibition Designers
Julia Paoli Assistant Curator and Exhibition Coordinator
Paul Zingrone Head of Registration, Installations & Facilities
Garth Johnson Head Gallery Technician
Blair Claxton, Joel Cottrill, Karen Donaldson, Danielle Greer, Marina Guglielmi, Alex Haythorne, Doug Moore, Aamna Muzaffar, Lucy Satzewich, Esther Simmonds-MacAdam, Andrew Waite Installation Technicians
David Lawson for John Akomfrah, Sue MacDiarmid for Steve McQueen Technical Consultants and Directions
Terry Adkins, John Akomfrah, Sven Augustijnen, Shelagh Keeley, Steve McQueen, Zineb Sedira Artists
BAND Gallery and TD Then & Now Presenting Sponsors
Lonti Ebers, Yvonne & David Fleck, James & Margaret Fleck, Dr. Kenneth Montague & Ms. Sarah Aranha, Diversity Art Forum Support Donors
The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in partnership with Autograph ABP, 2015

Jury Comments: This was a timely exhibition and the curation was focused. It was a remarkable and compelling choice of artists and works, with relevant programming including an engaging one-day symposium. It considered historical issues and current application, and emphasized a variety of media including large-scale projection works.



Wanda Nanibush Curator Rebecca Gimmi Program Coordinator
Christopher Régimbal Exhibition Coordinator
Dax Morrison, Michael Beynon Gallery Installation Team
Rebecca Belmore Artist
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery/University of Toronto Art Centre, 2014

Jury Comments: Belmore is an important artist and this was a significant solo show. The curatorial choices were astute; the “body” was present in a number of ways. Individual works spoke well to each other. It was a well-executed and dynamic installation. The opening performance was powerful. The relation between the curator and artist was evident as a working, productive partnership.


Is Toronto Burning? 1977/1978/1979 Three Years in the Making (and Unmaking) of the Toronto Art Community

Philip Monk Curator and Exhibition Designer
Suzanne Carte Exhibition Coordinator
Michael Beynon, Joel Cottrill, Brian Davis, John Kennedy, Dax Morrison, Carmen Schroeder Gallery Installation Team
Susan Britton, David Buchan, Colin Campbell, Elizabeth Chitty, Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge, Judith Doyle, General Idea, Isobel Harry, Ross McLaren, Missing Associates (Peter Dudar & Lily Eng), Clive Robertson, Tom Sherman, Rodney Werden alongside archival documents, with a room devoted to the Centre for Experimental Art and Communication (CEAC) Artists
Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), 2014

Jury Comments: This was an important exhibition due to its assessment of recent, archival material, presenting a historical moment while taking a strong stance viewed through a narrow lens. Exhibition layout and execution was excellent, with an evident depth of research. The publication, though not available as a public edition, presents significant potential for scholarly attention. The jury applauded the work involved in putting together this material.


Charles Stankievech: Monument as Ruin

Sunny Kerr Curator
Charles Stankievech Exhibition Designer
Jennifer Nicoll Exhibition Coordinator
Scott Wallis, Mark Birksted Gallery Installation Team
Charles Stankievech Artist
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 2015

Jury Comments: This exhibition showed an impressive dynamism and research. It was a beautiful installation.

Honourable Mention

Roula Partheniou: House & Home & Garden

Jon Davies Curator and Exhibition Coordinator
Carmen Schroeder, Joel Cottrill, Curtis Amisich, Micah Adams Gallery Installation Team
Roula Partheniou Artist
Oakville Galleries, 2015

Jury Comments: Beautiful conception and exhibition and a thoughtful response to a particular site.

EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR: Budget under $10,000

We Won't Compete

Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell Curators and Exhibition Designers
Srimoyee Mitra Exhibition Coordinator
Stephen Nilsson, Christopher Hummer, Katie Whitehead, Natalie Nadeau, Nicolas de Cosson Gallery Installation Team
Abstract Random, Sonja Ahlers, Eleanor Bond, Allyson Clay, Erika DeFreitas, Servulo Esmeraldo, Andrew Harwood, Jesi The Elder, Hannah Jickling, Margaret Lawrence, Rita Letendre, Johnson Ngo, Bodo Pfeifer, Adee Roberson, Arthur Secunda, Fiona Smyth Artists
Art Gallery of Windsor, 2014

Jury Comments: We acknowledge the number of great artists included, the difficult material presented and the fact that Windsor supports this work. Good concept and execution.

Honourable Mention

Image Coming Soon #1

Liora Belford Curator
Rebecca Gimmi Program Coordinator
Christopher Régimbal Exhibition Coordinator
Dax Morrison Gallery Installation
John Cage, Marcel Duchamp Artists
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery/University of Toronto Art Centre, 2015

Jury Comments: Innovative idea that was well executed. It showed a leap of faith in accepting the terms laid out by John Cage and Marcel Duchamp for mounting a chance-based installation idea. 



Samuel Roy-Bois: Not a new world, just an old trick

Melanie O’Brian and Samuel Roy-Bois (with Sandra Dyck and Matthew Hyland) Curators
Samuel Roy-Bois (with Melanie O’Brian, Sandra Dyck and Matthew Hyland) Exhibition Designers
CUAG: Patrick Lacasse, Karina Bergmans, Andrew Smith, Alisdair MacRae, Sandra Dyck; Oakville Galleries: Micah Adams, Curtis Amisich, Joel Cottrill, Carmen Schroeder Gallery Installation Team
SFU Gallery: Josef Albers, David Arc, Roy Arden, Iain Baxter (N.E. Thing Company), Janet Cardiff, Emily Carr, Marc Chagall, Michael de Courcy, Allan Edwards, Jonas Faber, Fluxus, Martin Honisch, John Innes, Jasper Johns, Donald Judd, La Farge Cement, Rene Lalique, Rita Letendre, David Ostrem, A. H. Payne, Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Nicole Raufeisen and Ryan Witt, I. Stridbeck, Reece Terris, Val Saint Lambert, Tony Westman, Royal Copenhagen porcelain, Steuben glassware, 18 unknown artists, makers and designers Artists
CUAG: Phil Bergerson, Joseph Bondy, Claude Breeze, Lynne Cohen, Joe David, Gaspard Duchange, Walker Evans, Murray Favro, Alan Fleming, Ron Giii, Lorraine Gilbert, Julius Griffith, Pierre-Narcisse Guérin, Janice Hoogstraten, Kenny Hotz, Henry Kahanek, W. Langdon Kihn, Bev Koski, Pierre Thomas Leclerc, Ron Martin, Pietro-Antonio Martini, Mattoo Moonie Michael, Guido Molinari, Robert Morris, Aida Nalikak, Gunter Nolte, Josie Papialuk, Alfred Pellan, Pablo Picasso, Frank Pimentel, Henry Saxe, Michael Schreier, Pierre-Louis van Schuppen, Rosalie Sinnisiak, Markosie Sowdluapik, Douglas Stone, Gabor Szilasi, Claude Tousignant, Yves Trudeau, Underwood and Underwood, Barrie Wentzell, Irene Whittome, Justin Wannacott, 31 unknown artists, makers and designers Artists
Oakville Galleries: Roy Arden, Susan Dobson, FASTWÜRMS, Fred Herzog, Liz Magor, Jin-me Yoon, 1 unknown designer Artists
Carleton University Art Gallery, Oakville Galleries, SFU Galleries, 2014, 2015

Jury Comments: This exhibition presented a new way to look at the collection that was engaging and responsive.


Art on a Green Line

Johnny Alam Curator and Exhibition Designer
Heather Anderson, Michael Davidge Exhibition Coordinators
Patrick Lacasse, Marc Courtemanche Gallery Installation Team
Johnny Alam, Hassan Choubassi, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Merdad Hage, Lamia Joreige, Jayce Salloum, Pierre Sidaoui Artists
Carleton University Art Gallery, 2015

Jury Comments: The exhibition was topical and presented interesting artists and works.

CURATORIAL ART WRITING: Major Text over 5,000 words

Linda Jansma

“Jock Macdonald, Dr. Grace W. Pailthorpe and Reuben Mednikoff: A Lesson in Automatics”
Jock Macdonald: Evolving Form
The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery and Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 2014

Jury Comments: It was a strong text discussing unexpected connections between Canadian painter Jock McDonald and European surrealism. Original research that was surprising and significant. It presented new information in an engaging manner.

CURATORIAL ART WRITING: Text 2,000 - 5,000 words

Stuart Reid

“Our House, Our Garden: Shifting Territories in the Work of Mary Anne Barkhouse”
Mary Anne Barkhouse: Settlement/Regency
Rodman Hall Art Centre/Brock University, 2014

Jury Comments: The text was engaging and accessible in creating a history leading to the work. A valid and valuable project  with interesting subject matter.

CURATORIAL ART WRITING: Short Text under 2,000 words

Jon Davies

“Tongue and Groove”
Roula Partheniou: House & Home & Garden
Oakville Galleries, 2015

Jury Comments: The text was well written and relatable and the jury appreciated the curatorial voice, the personal stories and the title. Engaging and creative writing style. Poetic and clear, but also revealing the author’s and artist’s depth of analysis.



Christian Campbell

“J.M.B.’s Dehistories”
Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now’s the Time
Art Gallery of Ontario, 2015

Jury Comments: Amazing! Unlike any other text on an important artist. Campbell’s writing clearly matched Basquiat’s practice.



Labour Intensive

Heather Cassils Artist
Suzanne Carte Curator
Jordan Kawai, Alejandro J. Santiago, Jose Angeles, Gerardo Chavez, Claudia Cimini, Meghan DuCille, Luabeya Gaelle, Rayah Gugliotta, Scott Harber, Rebecca Houston, Awani Kulkarni, Kay Ljubcic, Ming Mao, Becca McGlashan, Ella Morton, Tess Eneli Reid, Anna Sarachami, Andrew Testa, Pheobe Todd-Parish, Karly Whalen, Amy Wong, Betty Zhang, Barbara Balfour, Kayleigh Allen, Victoria Bacnis, Danny Cirne, Rochelle Derlick, Susan Hadjor, Nicole Hornyak, Kelly-Ann Hutchinson, Ivona Jozinovic, Shirley Liang, Karen Luk, Brandon Kennedy, Scott Osborne, Miranda Parson, Stephanie Rees, Heather Robertson, Sha-Bano Sheikh, Rena Silver, Joanna Weselak, Meiji Wong, Sia Sarvi, Melody Felix, Emma Thompson, Latoy Trenchfield, Wonjun Lee, Melissa Hamonic, Thipika Alaguthurai, Shannon Saint, Ray Abergas, William Brerton, Wendy Lai, Ken Ogawa, Zach Blas, Michèle Pearson Clarke, William Ellis, Lee Iskander, Elliott Lee-Mook, Carmen Schroeder, Jordan Tannahill, and Miles Weafer Contributors, Performers and Partners
Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), 2014

Jury Comments: Engagement of local community in a creative manner. Brought in interesting collaborators. Did not feel didactic. Site – specifically looking at the needs of the students. Good documentation that made it an understandable project.



Gallery Program: School

For The Love of Land! Native studies Arts Infused in-Gallery workshops

Surrounded by pieces from our Permanent Collection students reached a depth of understanding in line with a powerful topic, developed enthusiasm for social justice and enjoyed diverse and engaging activities. They exercised very high-order thinking skills through art, drama, literacy and history.

Saira Knowles & Chrissie Wysotski Formal Education Program Developers & Educators
Flow and Glow Related Exhibition 2014-15
Station Gallery Permanent Collection

Jury Comments: Impressive and focused curriculum. Excellent crossover of subjects. Achieved something significant with very small resources. Ambitious. Specific target that incorporated art and history well. Impressive number of students reached. Resulting material can be used again.



Kelly Mark: Everything is Interesting

Barbara Fischer Curator, Editor
Rebecca Gimmi Program Coordinator
Christopher Régimbal Exhibition Coordinator
Sky Goodden, Rosemary Heather, Gina Badger Coordination / Copyediting
Stella Kyriakakis Proofreader
Essays by Jonathan Watkins, Christina Ritchie, and Dan Adler
Introduction by Barbara Fischer
Contributions by multiple authors
The Office of Gilbert Li Designers
Kelly Mark Artist
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery / University of Toronto Art Centre with the Art Gallery of Windsor, Cambridge Galleries, Kenderdine Art Gallery and College Art Galleries, and MSVU Art Gallery Publishers

Jury Comments: Justina M. Barnicke Gallery/ U of T Art Centre - Kelly Mark
Comments: Beautifully executed layout and strong essays. The contents are  comprehensive, but specific and varied. The publication contextualizes her practice well for readers.


Introducing Suzy Lake

Jim Shedden Managing Editor
Georgiana Uhlyarik , Sophie Hackett Curators
Georgiana Uhlyarik , Sophie Hackett, Michelle Jacques et al. Writers
Georgiana Uhlyarik Editors
Suzy Lake Artist
Art Gallery of Ontario and Black Dog Publishing, 2014

Jury Comments: Beautifully executed layout with a variety of writers and important texts; good scholarship.


Honourable Mention

Graeme Patterson: Secret Citadel

Melissa Bennett (AGH) and Sarah Fillmore (AGNS), Project Coordinators, Curators, and Editors
Graeme Patterson Designer and Artist
Amy Batchelor (AGNS) Designer
Melissa Bennett, Ray Cronin, Louise Déry, Sarah Fillmore, Michael Landry Writers
Art Gallery of Hamilton and Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2014

Jury Comments: An impressive and surprising publication that was well designed; visually stunning.



Lauren Wickware

Memory Unearthed: The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross
Art Gallery of Ontario, 2015

Jury Comments: Inspired use of the damaged photographs. Evocative black and white layout. Really captures the spirit of the exhibition and the weight and importance of the photographs. A nice flow to the images, which creates a momentum to the material. Excellent use of solid black and white backgrounds. Inclusion of the contact sheets reminds us of the physicality of the photos, and the retrieval of the buried negatives, Typography is secondary to the exceptional images.



DESIGN AWARDS - Exhibition Catalogue

Studio Blackwell

Introducing Suzy Lake
Art Gallery of Ontario, 2014

Jury Comments: Gutsy design decisions. Exciting to look at. Captures the movement and repetition of video work and performance. The thematic elements of the artists work are well translated to the form of the book. Comprehensive and well managed content. Use of micro to macro scale keeps us engaged. Excellent printing and production values. True to the spirit of the work.

The Office of Gilbert Li

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now’s the Time
Art Gallery of Ontario, 2015

Jury Comments: Beautiful balance of white space and artwork. Perfectly chosen font for text in artwork, works well. Uncoated paper brings out imagery beautifully.  Excellent production value. Typography compliments images. Design is complementary to artwork rather than overpowering.

DESIGN AWARDS - Other Exhibition or Gallery Publication

Matthew Hoffman

Furnishing Positions Broadsheet Series
Adrian Blackwell & Christine Shaw, Editors
Blackwood Gallery, 2014

Jury Comments: References newspaper in a modern and sophisticated way. Clean imagery for poster, generally untouched by text – strong and does not take away from image. Handles a large amount of text very well through 6 columns grid and 3 types, which adds to seriality. Strong branding: recognizable as a strong set, each still good on their own. Combination image/essay as great takeaway from a gallery. 


Underline Studios

Urban Field Speakers Series
2015 series poster
Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art

Jury Comments: Striking and simple use of two colours on one side. So much is done with so little. Poster as well as detailed speaker series information. The typographic hierarchy is well established and combines to create a beautiful piece. Sensitive handling of type and logos. An excellent poster with a subtle but striking concept.

DESIGN AWARDS - Digital Project

Bluesponge Studios

Website Redesign
Oakville Galleries, 2014

Jury Comments: Attractive layouts. Excellent navigation structure. Really clear and easy to find many kinds of information. Accomplishes a lot of purposes in a coherent way. Sensitivity to detail in a graphic presentation. Nice use of tabs and pull down menus. Does not overwhelm the user



AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize & Signature Partner: Photography Collection Program
Art Gallery of Ontario, 2014

Jury Comments: AIMIA has partnered with the AGO as its Photography Prize and a Signature Partner since 2007, supporting both the international prize program and other initiatives the Gallery offers related to photography.  Through this partnership, Aimia has connected tens of thousands of people to contemporary photography, locally and beyond.  Aimia’s commitment to the AGO goes well beyond financial support, providing other resources and staff to support what has become a visionary approach to partnering with a public gallery.


Nicole McCabe

Curatorial Coordinator
23 Years of Service
Art Gallery of Windsor

Jury Comments: Nicole McCabe has demonstrated incredible dedication to the Art Gallery of Windsor over her 23-year tenure.  She has been a positive force during significant change for the Gallery, maintaining a passion for her work that has guided and inspired colleagues through challenging times.  In particular, Nicole’s mentorship of young arts administrators has contributed to ensuring that new talent is available to sustain the profession.


Matthew Rees

Complete IT Upgrade
President of the Board
Gallery Stratford

Jury Comments: Matthew Rees’s impact on Gallery Stratford has been transformational.  In his role as a Trustee, he stepped up over a two year period, working almost daily, on a complete upgrade of the Gallery’s technology, operating systems, point of sale and collection management software, telephone system, and servers.  The impact of Matthew’s contribution is an integrated, fluid and connected technology and information management system that has improved all areas of the Gallery’s operations.

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