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Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO)
The Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO) is a not for profit association of institutions with collections of art, collaborating to enable educational use of museum multimedia. Together, AMICO Members are building the AMICO Library, a joint digital library that is a licensed educational resource available to universities and colleges, public libraries, and kindergarten through 12th grade schools. Although membership is mainly American based there are some Canadian contributors and membership is open to anyone. Featured on the site is the thumbnail catalog which currently holds a collection of over 65,000 works of art.

Canadian Heritage Information Network

Community Access Program
A community based information service to promote the use of the Internet for business and development. - Canada's Cultural Gateway
Travel through Canada's rich history; experience the creativity of Canadian culture; tune in to Canada's media; tour uniquely Canadian landscapes; train with our athletes; and, visit the homes of our peoples. You can also view opinions on Canadian culture and search thousands of quality cultural resources.
Discover Canada's diversity and immerse yourself in Canadian culture.

Fine Art Forum Online

Museum Computer Network

Virtual Museums Canada
The Virtual Museum of Canada celebrates the stories and treasures that have come to define Canada over the centuries. Here you will find innovative multimedia content that educates, inspires and fascinates! The VMC harnesses the power of the Internet to bring Canada's rich and diverse heritage into our homes, schools and places of work. This revolutionary medium allows for perspectives and interpretations that are both original and revealing.

Web Networks
Web Networks provides a full range of internet tools and services to socially committed organizations.

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