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OAAG's membership consists of over 200 art museums, public art galleries, artist-run centres, visual arts organizations, professional colleagues, and friends across Ontario.

Application for Membership
Prospective members shall apply in writing to the Board, and supply sufficient information to allow the Board to determine the category of membership to which the applicant may be admitted. Members shall be admitted by resolution of the Board. (Section 2.03 of the OAAG Bylaws)

Applications from organizations are reviewed by the Membership Committee and passed by the Board of Directors.

Each member shall pay the fees and levies set by the Board from time to time. (Section 2.04)

2018-2019 Classes of Membership

Effective April 1, 2018, there is a new membership fee structure. The OAAG Board of Directors and Staff have reviewed its membership fees from a variety of perspectives. We have considered the cost of inflation, revenue mix, and other factors including fee structures of organizations similar to OAAG and the proportionality of our fees across our various membership categories. Based on this research and extensive deliberations, the Board and Staff agreed to adjust OAAG's fees in an attempt to make them more progressive and relative to the size of the member's annual budget. We have included a higher membership fee tier to reflect the new equitable structure. We expect that in future, increases will only be based on the cost of inflation.

2018-2019 Annual Fee Schedule

Voting Rights
Each member resident in the province of Ontario has one vote exercised by the member or by its representative. No member in arrears in payments of fees and levies set by the Board may vote at a members' meeting. Any three [3] Art Gallery members may require, at a members' meeting, that a resolution before that meeting be ratified by a majority of votes cast by the Art Gallery members present at the members' meeting before coming effective. Any three [3] Art Gallery members may require, at a members' meeting, that a special resolution before that meeting be ratified by at least two thirds of the votes cast by the Art Gallery members present at the members' meeting before becoming effective. (Section 2.05)

Holding Office
Members are entitled to hold office on the Board of Directors within the OAAG Bylaws. (See Sections 4.01 to 4.12)

The Board may establish committees and fix the term of office and the terms of reference of the committees. The members of these committees need not be directors, but must be members of OAAG. (See Section 5.09)

Each Art Gallery and Affiliate Gallery member should establish participation in OAAG as a priority in its own operation.

Members may resign by giving written notice to the Board to the attention of the President. A member who has resigned shall remain liable for payment of any fees outstanding at the time written notice was given to the Board. (See Section 2.06)

A member may be removed from membership by Board resolution (passed by at least two-thirds of the votes cast, at a meeting of which notice specifying the intention to pass the resolution was given - Section 2.07) if fees and levies payable by the member are more than 60 days in arrears.

Institutional Membership Renewal Forms 2017-2018

2017-2018 Membership Renewal Form (.pdf) (.docx)
Institutional Member Benefits, Detailed (.pdf)


Membership Inquiries:

For membership inquiries, please contact Jessica Lukas, Secretariat Assistant at or call (416) 598-0714

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