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Statistical Profile of Art Galleries in Ontario
Based on the 2013 Data Exchange

Hill Strategies Research Inc. for the Ontario Association of Art Galleries
One Volume containing both English 47 pp & French 55 pp.
ISBN 978-0-9681238-4-3

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The Statistical Profile of Art Galleries in Ontario is a quantitative analysis of 47 Ontario-based, non-profit and charitable art galleries in 31 municipalities across the province. The report presents a clear picture of Ontario’s public art galleries as incredible dynamic, motivated and engaged visual arts producers, working all across the province – from Thunder Bay to Temiskaming Shores to Ottawa to Toronto to Windsor and back to Owen Sound.

This clear, concise and accessible report is based on participating galleries' last completed, audited financial year prior to September 30, 2013. It summarizes findings in gallery operating structure, changes over the past 20 years, exhibitions, publications, hours, admission fees, attendance, community engagement, arts education activities, marketing, collections, workforce, capital projects, and operating finances.

The report contains useful results for public art galleries, volunteer boards, funders, policy makers and the public. It can be used as a tool for art gallery sector analysis, benchmarking and future planning.

2013 key findings as presented by Kelly Hill include:

• Key successes identified by gallery directors: community engagement, exhibitions, financial health or revenue generation
• Key challenges identified by gallery directors: facilities/physical plant, financial health or revenue generation
• 667 exhibitions involving over 3,400 artists
• Attendance of of 2.8 million
• Nearly 300,000 works in collections of 42 reporting galleries
• Over 850,000 arts education participants
• Revenues of $172 million
• Expenses of $162 million
• Amortization and adjustments: net $7 million
• Net surplus: $3 million
• Nearly 1,500 members and 4,800 volunteers
• Changes between 1993 and 2013:

• 23 galleries reporting in both 1993 and 2013
• collections nearly doubled in size
• full-time staff increased slightly by 4%
• part-time staff decreased by 30%
• 69% increase in gallery attendance
• accumulated deficit of $4.4 million changed to accumulated surplus of $11.4 million
• galleries have significantly diversified their revenue sources

The Ontario Association of Art Galleries was founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1970. Through advocacy, professional development and network building, OAAG advances and empowers Ontario public art galleries. The Statistical Profile of Art Galleries in Ontario based on the Data Exchange is the only report that addresses the Ontario public art gallery sector as a whole. OAAG fosters a sustainable, healthy, diverse public art gallery sector to further the visual arts as a key component of the cultural life of the province.

The public report does not include the raw Data Exchange database; the data is confidential to the 47 participating galleries.

Many thanks go to the Government of Canada for funding contributed to this project through the Museum Assistance Program.

The Group of Seven Project 1920-2005
The Ontario Association of Art Gallerie, 2010
Book, 127 pages in English, 127 pages in French, 24 colour plates, 48 black and white images
ISBN 978-0-7727065-4-6
$26 OAAG Members / $29 General (+ $6 shipping & handling)
Regular Wholesale Price $17.40/book or $600/box of 38 books
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More information about the book

This book captures and reflects the spirit of partnership between public art galleries in Ontario for The Group of Seven Project, both as a celebration of and inquiry into the Group of Seven’s legacy.

In 2005, twenty-nine galleries collaborated to respond to and reflect on the Group of Seven – its art, personalities and legacy – and their relevancy and significance eighty-five years after the Group’s first exhibition in May 1920.

The catalyst for the project was the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) making available for loan to galleries in Ontario works by the Group of Seven, due to the temporary closing of the AGO’s Canadian Wing for renovations in 2003.

Six main themes emerged from twenty-nine exhibitions. The artists’ unique and iconic styles are the focus of “Within the Frame.” “Between Painting and the Place” considers their subject matter. “All Things with Imagination” and “A Collection is Only Human” discuss the enduring public legacy of the Group. In “Contemporaries and the Next Generation,” the entries examine the artistic influence of the Group on a wide range of artists. It is the final section, “The Group of Seven in a Contemporary Context,” that most directly captures the current debate on the Group’s lasting legacy, most effectively through various interventions by contemporary artists.*

*Uhlyarik, Georgiana. “Introduction,” in The Group of Seven Project 1920 2005. (Toronto: Ontario Association of Art Galleries, 2010), 14-17.

le projet du Groupe des 7

Le projet du Groupe des sept 1920-2005
L’association ontarienne des galeries d’art, 2010
Livre, 127 pages en anglais, 127 pages en français, 24 planches de couleur, 48 images en noir et blanc
ISBN 978-0-7727065-4-6
26 $ membres de l’AOGA / 29 $ général (+ $6 shipping & handling)
Prix de gros normal 17.40 $ / livre ou 600 $ / boîte de 38 livres
Pas de consignation, avec un numéro de vendeur

Plus d'information à propos du livre

Ce livre vise à saisir et à refléter l’esprit du partenariat ayant permis de célébrer l’héritage du Groupe des sept et de mener des recherches à ce sujet.

En 2005, 29 galeries d’art publiques ont souligné l’apport du Groupe des sept – son art, ses personnalités et son héritage – et se sont interrogées sur sa pertinence et sa signification 85 ans après la première exposition du Groupe, en mai 1920.

La fermeture provisoire de l’aile canadienne du Musée des beaux-arts de l’Ontario pour les rénovations en 2003 a été le catalyseur en prêtant aux galeries d’art de la toute la province sa vaste collection d’oeuvres du Groupe des sept.

Six grands thèmes ont émergé des 29 textes. Le chapitre « À l'intérieur du cadre » se penche sur les styles uniques et emblématiques des artistes tandis que « Entre la toile et l’endroit » traite de leur sujet. Les chapitres « En toutes choses par l’imaginaire » et « Portraits de contributeurs aux collections » traitent de l’héritage public du Groupe. Le Groupe s’est aussi rendu compte de l’importance des collections et des expositions publiques, ce dont il est question au chapitre « Portraits de contributeurs aux collections ». Quant à la dernière section, « Le Groupe des sept en contexte contemporain », elle saisit le plus directement le débat actuel sur l’héritage durable du Groupe, et le mieux par l’entremise d’interventions d’artistes contemporains. *

*Uhlyarik, Georgiana. « Introduction, » dans Le projet du groupe des sept 1920 2005. (Toronto : Association ontarienne des galleries d’art, 2010), 14-17.

The Group of Seven Project

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Volume 3

Edited by Joyce Zemans
Ontario Association of Art Galleries (2001)
140 pp. 9 x 8 in.
ISBN 0-9681239-1-3 (softcover)
$12 members / $15 general (+ $6 shipping & handling)

Volume 3 of the Art Gallery Handbook provides guidance and key information for curators, managers, artists, volunteers, and others dealing with programming, management, and administrative challenges related to working in public art galleries, artist-run centres, and museums. It is also a useful course textbook, and presents an excellent base of information for post-secondary students of all levels to comprehensively learn about the successful management of art and heritage institutions.

The essays contained in this handbook are:

Art Collections in Transition by Richard Gerrard
The Art Gallery and the Public Trust by David Aurandt
The Artist/Gallery Relationship by Carol Podedworny
Museum Education: Looking Back to the Future by Colin Wiginton
Courtship, Engagement and Life-long Commitment: Volunteer Management in Ontario's Galleries by Georgiana Uhlyarik
The Gallery and the Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction by Tamara Rebanks
Reference Section by Mary Reid

Volume 2
Edited by W. McAllister Johnson and Frances K. Smith
Ontario Association of Art Galleries (1991)
167 pp. 9 x 8 in. (softcover)
ISBN: 0-9690187-9-7

$12 members/$15 general (+ $6 shipping & handling)

Volume 2 of the Art Gallery Handbook features well-researched essays by leading Canadian professionals and takes a practical, step-by-step look into museum and gallery operations. It is divided into sections entitled The Gallery, Art Collections and Their Management, Curatorial Development and Collaboration, Public Programming, and Marketing, Fundraising and Promotion.

The essays contained in this handbook are:

The Gallery
Professional Standards and Ethics by Michael Bell
Organization Strategy by Dann M. Michols
People Aspects of Management: The Human Resources Function by Nancy Hood
Building Effective Boards of Trustees by Marion A. Paquet
Planning Security for Your Gallery or Museum by Sally Sandford
Fire Protection by Paul Baril

Art Collections and their Management
Issues, Documentation and Movement by Betty Stothers and Sandy Cooke
Effective Collections Care: A Conservation Way of Thinking by Sandra Lawrence and Judith Nasby
Travelling Exhibtitions: The Originator by Marcia Lawrence
Travelling Exhibitions: The Receiver by Pamela Krueger
Exhibition Design and Installation by Rick Budd

Curatorial Development and Collaboration
What it Means to be a Curator by Dr. Katharine Lochnan
Curatorship and Collaboration by Paddy O'Brien, Ingrid Jenkner and Steve Pozel
Being an Independent by Peggy Gale
Research in Galleries and Museums by Karen McKenzie
Publications by Jann L.M. Bailey
Copyright Concerning Artistic Works by Maia-Mari Sutnik

Public Programming
Public Programming by Sheila Greenspan and Judith Rodger

Marketing, Fundraising and Promotion
The Marketing Process by Sue-Ellen Boyes
Fundraising as a Function of Development and Marketing by Jill Planche
Public Relations and Promotion by Helen "Bubs" Coleman and Peter Day

Volume 1 (Available in English and French)
Edited by W. McAllister Johnson and Frances K. Smith; Translated by Gerard Bourlier. Association des galeries publiques de l'Ontario (Ontario Association of Art Galleries) (1982)
No ISBN for French version.

$12 members/$15 general (+ $6 shipping & handling)

The essays contained in this handbook are:

The Art Gallery and the Public Trust by Michael Bell
Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws by Michael Burtch and John Hamilton
Funding by David McNeil
Management and Operation by Ted Pietrzak
The Building and its Facilities by Ches Taylor
Approaching and Involving Your Community by Robert Swain
Exhibition Policy and Programmes by Lynn Barbeau and Robert Swain
The Gallery/Artist Relationship by Anne Kolisnyk and John Leonard
Building and Preserving a Permanent Collection by Andrew J. Oko
Education by Maggie Mitchell and Megan Bice
Contact and Resource Organizations listing

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OAAG Data Exchange, A Profile of Art Galleries in Ontario
Hill Strategies Research Inc. for the Ontario Association of Art Galleries
Two reports, one volume. English 76 pp & French 84 pp.
Phase One: A Statistical Profile ISBN 0-9681238-2-1 Based on the 2003 OAAG Data Exchange
Phase Two: In Their Own Words ISBN 0-9681238-3-X
$40 OAAG Members / $50 General (plus $8 shipping and handling)

Phase One
A Statistical Profile is a quantitative analysis of 39 Ontario public art galleries in 29 municipalities across the province. The galleries serve communities ranging in size from Bancroft (population 4,089) to Toronto (population 2,481,494). The report summarizes findings in gallery operating structure, director's successes and challenges, artistic program, public service, community reach, marketing, collections, arts education and arts learning, workforce, capital funding, operating finances, and changes in operating finances between 1993 and 2003 for the 21 galleries that have participated in both OAAG Data Exchanges. The report does not include the raw database; the data is confidential to the 39 participating galleries. Phase One was funded with contributions from the Museums Assistance Program, Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada, and Cultural Careers Council Ontario. Translation was contributed by the Ontario Arts Council.

Phase Two
In Their Own Words summarizes the results of interviews conducted with directors, curators and board representatives of 15 public art galleries across Ontario in the spring of 2005. The interviews, designed as gallery self-assessments, were intended to collect information about the role of the public art gallery, the roles of the interview participants in the gallery, and the gallery's connection to its community. A broad spectrum of galleries participated in the interviews, ranging from the Latcham Gallery in Stouffville to the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. Each contributing gallery is a member of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries and participated in the 2003 OAAG Data Exchange. Phase Two was funded and translated by the Ontario Arts Council.

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Censorship and the Arts: Law, Controversy, Debate, Facts CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
Brenda Cossman, with a foreword by Robert Fulford
Ontario Association of Art Galleries (1995)
147 pp. 8.5 x 6.5 in.
ISBN 0-9694987-9-9 (softcover)

$10 members/$12 general (+ $6 shipping & handling)

This multifaceted examination of censorship in the arts includes a historical overview of censorship acts, recent Canadian experience within the visual arts, literature, film and theatre, a look at censorship in the hands of the law (curatorial, political and funding level censorship), and a comprehensive review and chronology of federal and provincial laws on censorship which have occurred over the years.

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Ella Agnew
Ontario Association of Art Galleries in collaboration with the Canadian Museums Association (1991)
11 x 8.5 in.
ISBN: 0-9694987-1-3 (softcover)
Fully bilingual

$44 members/$64 general (plus $8 shipping and handling)

Lawyer and art specialist Ella Agnew examines property ownership and collecting institutions, copyright and exhibiting institutions, gifts, appraisals and gifts, gifts and income tax receipts, cultural property and institutions, and loans and the exhibiting institution.

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